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Updated 9/18

My Tips


I thought this would be a good place to share with you some of the more recent lessons I've learned.

I know the site has a Tips database (and believe me when I say I've read them all), but often I forget the tip until a time comes when I could have/should have used it, and I have learn it over again.

These tips are from my experience in painting the inside and outside of my new house in Asheville....

Keeping Paint Can Rims Clean and Clear

I lesson I relearned this fall in painting the new house here in Asheville, is keeping the paint can rim clean and clear.

The solution is to take a 16d nail (or nail set) and poke 3 to 4 holes in the rim (where the lid seals down); when the finish goes into the rim, it drains back down into the can. No mess to clean up! When you put the lid back on, it reseals it so it won't dry out.

Easier Brush and Roller Cleanup

Another handy tip learned this fall in my painting project was wetting the brushes and rollers before using them. Wetting before use apparently keeps the paint from soaking into brush or roller material.

For brushes, run them under the faucet and shake the excess water out.

For rollers, run them under the faucet and then put them in your 'roller-spinner' to remove the excess water. By-the-way, I highly recommend the use of a roller-spinner, I had never used one before, but with the all the painting I had upcoming I invested in one -what an easy way to clean rollers!

Proper 'Loading' of Your Brush

DON'T 'dip-n'wipe' !

Dip and tap the brush against the inside of the can; the brush will hold a lot more paint without dripping (and without filling the rim of the can with paint (see above!)

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