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The Stud Test

This is a 64 question test to see how much of a stud you are. It requires a javascript enabled web browser.

WORK. Have you ever...

quit your job

fired someone's ass

risked your life for money

been paid for sex

SPORTS. Have you ever...

performed at least 5 one-armed push-ups

won your office football or basketball pool

painted your face to show support for your favorite team

run the table in a pool game

scored a game winning touchdown

run a marathon

hit a grand slam

declined sex in order to watch a sporting event

blown more then $1000 at a craps table

nailed a hole in one

SEX. Have you ever had sex with...

one of your teachers

a hooker

your boss

someone who has appeared in an adult movie

a lesbian

a fruit or vegetable

ADVENTURE. Have you ever...

bought a round of drinks for the entire bar

floored a Ferrari (to what speed?)

shaved your head

chopped down a tree

chopped down a tree in a hotel lobby

driven an 18-wheeler

eaten the worm in a bottle of tequila

gotten a tattoo

trashed a hotel room

caught a fish bigger than your dog

eaten a mammal you killed yourself

spent the night in jail

lived off the land for 48 hours

lived off pizza for 48 hours

shot, hit by a car, or stabbed

climbed a mountain peak

sung karaoke

BRAWLING. Have you ever...

been tossed out of a bar

been tossed out of a strip club

defended a buddy with your fists

fought another guy over a woman

had two women fight over you

stopped a crime in progress

broken someone's nose

broken someone's limb

NERVES OF STEEL. Have you ever...

dined and dashed

had sex in a public place

hot wired a car

gone to work drunk

come face to face with a wild animal (zoo doesn't count)

stared into a gun barrel

dumped a psycho chick

defused a bomb

performed in a skin flick

tried to start the wave

More SEX. Have you ever...

slept with a friend of your mom's

French kissed a French girl

gotten a hummer while driving

had a secret affair with a married woman

talked your way into a threesome

had sex with Cindy Crawford

talked your way into a threesome with Cindy Crawford and a French-Swedish Babysitter (you win - quiz is over)

had sex with Sally Struthers

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